Manage ALL your care from ONE device

Discover programs, schedule appointments, and let CuraPatient’s AI create a personalized care journey to support you outside of clinical settings.

It’s simple to own your care
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Introducing CuraPatient

CuraPatient bridges gaps between patients, providers, and public health programs through simple digital solutions that streamline the process of receiving care.
By merging case management, patient engagement, and population health solutions into one AI-driven platform — CuraPatient empowers individuals and communities to own their care.

Healthcare Tailored to You

CuraPatient generates an easy-to-follow personalized care journey for each user that addresses specific healthcare needs and offers support along the way.
Create Profile
Enter your information just once and choose who to share it with
Schedule Appointments
Select appointments to fit your schedule for a frictionless on-site experience
Enroll in Programs
Find programs and services to assist you on your road to wellness
Stay Engaged
Receive up-to-date notifications and browse info in our Education Center
Find available programs and health care providers
Create an account; provide information; give consent to share
Schedule appointments; connect with providers; enroll in programs


Find in-network healthcare providers and available public health programs such as:

When you create your profile, you will be assigned a digital twin that securely stores your data. Safely and securely share your information with whomever your choose.



Behavioral Health

Chronic Disease


Enter your information just once to enroll in programs and services. Share information, connect with providers, schedule appointments, and stay engaged.
Signing Up
Appointment Confirmed
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Vaccination (ROUND 3)

Keep Track of Your Health Insurance in CuraPatient
Enter your insurance in CuraPatient as a quick and fast reference point

Comprehensive COVID-19 Education Center
Learn about COVID-19, Vaccinations, and more


Enjoy effortless planning and support before, during, and after visits. Frictionless on-site engagement lets you choose when and where to share information; no need to fill out paperwork!
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Easily access your patient profile to update your information.

Family Health Care
Stay Connected!
Enroll in Programs
Manage care for your whole family on one platform, including children and family members in senior living facilities. Request Demo
Create a Personal Profile
Find Providers
Schedule Appointments