Improve Health Outcomes for Your Population

CuraPatient’s integrated platform takes an enterprise approach to population health to seamlessly deliver public health programs and engage patients outside of clinical settings.

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Accessible Healthcare Services

CuraPatient is built to protect a variety of population groups, whether they be employees, students, or senior living residents. CuraPatient promotes equitable access to care, services, and providers. CuraPatient's care plans are built to include the social determinants of health and improve health outcomes.

*Social determinants of health are conditions that influence differences in health status in a community. CuraPatient’s technology aims to make care more accessible among various population groups, eliminating large disparities between communities.

Social Determinants of Health
Health Behaviors

Tobacco use
Diet & Exercise
Alcohol user
Unsafe sex

Health Care

Family/social support
Community safety

Health Care

Access to care
Quality of care

Physical Environment

Environmental quality
Built environment

Improving the Patient Experience

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Facilitate Open Communication
Infrastructure technology allows bidirectional engagement across multiple programs
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Eliminate Paperwork
Patients enter information just once, eliminating redundant paperwork and speeding up intake
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Improve Connections
Access and share data with patient consent across programs and platforms
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Make Strategic Decisions
Data analytics embedded in the platform drive strategic decisions and problem solving
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Engage Communities
Incentivise community organizations to activate and engage residents via a single, trusted digital interface with support in over ten languages
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Achieve Health Equity
Embedded analytics drive outreach efforts to communities in need, identifying where the greatest disparities in healthcare exist

Success With CuraPatient

CuraPatient took two disjointed physical encounters and turned them into a managable personalized care journey with two physical and four digital encounters. CuraPatient created an easy-to-follow road map for 700,000 people, many over the age of 65, to successfully complete their vaccination care plan.

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1.2 million vaccine doses administered in a six month time period
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A truly frictionless experience prioritized and served over 30% of a large country’s entire population
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Up to 30 Mobile Clinics per week were precisely deployed to target hard to reach populations
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85% of country residents aged 65+ were vaccinated via CuraPatient

This shows how populations take charge of their health when they know what to do and where to go. CuraPatient’s users were three times more likely to complete their care plan, resulting in higher vaccination rates and improved health outcomes.

More than 1.2 million real -world users

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