Provider Burnout is at an All-Time High

The pandemic has amplified the effects for those most in need of public health services. As Dr. Susan R. Bailey, past president of the AMA, recently wrote, “the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed fundamental flaws in the provision of health care across our nation and exacerbated the tremendous differences in health outcomes tied to race, income and other demographic factors.”


Provider Burnout


A majority of a healthcare provider’s day is spent on paperwork, during and after office hours. This leads to less time and energy for patients, lower quality of care, and increased burnout from repetitive data entry.



of those who remain say that staff shortages have affected their ability to work safely and to satisfy patient needs



of healthcare workers have quit since the start of the pandemic



of U.S. healthcare workers plan to leave their current role within the next two to three years

How CuraPatient helps...


CuraPatient makes accessible healthcare a reality on a large scale.

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Automate administration and reporting

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Improve patient satisfaction with engagement before, during, and after care visits

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Address bottlenecks, inequities, and inefficiencies

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Give care in the field and outside of clinical settings

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Find programs and services for which they qualify

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Schedule appointments from any device

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Engage with providers before, during, and after care visits

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Reduce waiting times and paperwork with digital profile

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Add new staff and retain existing staff

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Monitor and address staff wellness

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Improve training and professional development

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Improve systems and capacity related to workforce development and management

How Does CuraPatient Work?

CuraPatient is an enterprise SaaS solution that helps providers connect their community members with programs and services.


CuraPatient Implements Quickly in Four Easy Steps:

Define the programs

Inclusion and exclusion criteria, personnel, and benefits to residents

Map program assets

Define capabilities and availability — including County, State, community, and existing contracts

Engage case managers

Schedule and set up access to the appropriate programs for the appropriate patients

Expand to engage

Reach out to community partners and activate patients

Personalized care for all


Find providers and programs, and choose who you share your information with.


Enter and store your information just once to connect with providers and stay engaged.


Effortless planning before, during, and after visits and frictionless onsite engagement.


What CuraPatient users have to say

See the positive impact CuraPatient has on public health in large populations.

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Othena is a ROCKSTAR!!!

The experience is a good one, can’t imagine a way to improve it. Highly recommend.

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Easy to Learn!

I had no problem using this system... and I can hardy operate my TV remote!

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OTHENA made it seamless!

Have the bar code up and ready for them to scan (with ID), it speeds things up.

CuraPatient is field-tested and proven

CuraPatient is proud to protect communities all across the nation



Reached 700,000 people with 1.3M vaccinations in 6 months with no paperwork and 8.5 hour work days before its nationwide launch


Nearly 5,000 providers across 89 organizations took part within weeks of launch – currently used by over 10,000 providers nationwide


Only 2.3% of patients did not complete their care journey vs. national average of 8%, at a cost savings of over 35% of the FEMA national average


Delivered clinics in 61 of 83 zip codes for 15 different community based organizations to protect a large urban county – is now in use in Long Term Care Facilities across the USA